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Fire Hydrant Testing & Maintenance

Inspection, testing and maintenance of Fire Hydrants in accordance with BS 9990 UK.

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Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants – one of the key components of everyday firefighting in the UK – are generally situated on public land such as roads and footpaths. Maintenance of these hydrants will usually be the responsibility of the local water or fire authority.

However, UK fire hydrants that are situated on private or commercial land are the responsibility of the owners or occupiers of the land – these will usually be on large sites such as those occupied by hospitals, schools and colleges, military establishments and so on.

Fire Hydrant Testing

Each private fire hydrant requires an inspection every six months, together with an annual inspection and test that must be carried out by a qualified and competent person. These inspections and tests are to ensure that the hydrant will work effectively in an emergency situation.

At Fire & Security Group, our expert and professional engineers are qualified to carry out fire hydrant testing and can certify that your hydrants are fit for use. Such tests will include a water flow and pressure check to ensure the system is capable of tackling any fire effectively.

Contact us today if you would like more information on how Fire & Security Group can ensure your fire hydrants are up to standard or to book an appointment for fire hydrant flow testing with one of our experienced service engineers.

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