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Fire Safety Training Courses

Business owners and managers have a responsibility to ensure their staff are properly trained in how to act in a fire emergency. From the operation of equipment to evacuation procedures and protocols, ensuring your staff are fully trained can save lives in the event of a fire.


Fire Marshal Training

Fire marshals play a key role in a business’ fire safety proficiency. Working with the employer, the marshal is responsible for ensuring that the organisation’s fire safety procedures are effective and safe. If said procedures are found to be inefficient or ineffective, or in breach of fire safety legislation, then the fire marshal must work with the employer to rectify those issues and implement safe and effective fire safety protocols. 

Fire & Security Group offer comprehensive and effective fire marshal training for businesses across the UK, ensuring that designated fire marshals have the knowledge and confidence required to perform such an important role within an organisation.


Fire Awareness Training

A solid level of fire awareness is one of the first lines of defence against the risks of fire. Knowing what constitutes a fire risk and knowing how to minimise them  is crucial to the safety of people and property. Fire & Security Group provides fire awareness training for businesses of all sizes, providing employers and employees with the appropriate education on all things fire safety. 

From planning and performing a safe evacuation to the basics of fire safety like the fire triangle, our experts can train teams large and small. Every organisation is different, so we make sure to tailor our training courses to the specific needs of your business and your employees. This approach maximises efficacy and, in turn, helps to keep your business safe.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire and Security Group are experienced, BAFE-certified providers of fire safety training courses for businesses around the UK. Fire extinguisher training from Fire & Security Group covers everything from how to identify each type of fire extinguisher to how to effectively use each one to extinguish a fire. If a fire breaks out, there may be a small window of time where you can tackle a fire yourself, and it’s vital that you know how to safely use a fire extinguisher to maximise your chances of extinguishing it safely. Improper usage of a fire extinguisher can worsen a fire or result in injury or death, and so fire extinguisher training is extremely important.


Whether you need comprehensive fire safety training for your workforce or refresher training for experienced staff members, Fire & Security Group are able to provide fire safety equipment such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers as well as the training you need, tailored to your requirements. For more information, simply contact us today.

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